A word about pricing.

We have received some questions and concerns about price which we would like to address. Much time was spent on setting the price and a number of factors contributed to said price. Our set price rides the line between affordability and making it worth our time to produce.
Our goal is simple.
Provide a complete and quality product.
Do so without destroying originals.
Make something that will last.
Create amazing custom artwork.
With those goals in mind...
We decided to use new flash boards which do not require the use of obsolete EPROMs produced in the 90s and are built from new components which will last pretty much forever if handled properly. These boards are far from cheap and they are extremely stable and do not suffer from the issues that arise from EPROMs and their potential failures.
We sourced quality carts that provide the authentic look while providing the option for different colors to give us more customization in our releases.
The boxes needed to be thick, sturdy, and look great. That's what we paid for and that's what we got. The boxes are beautiful and the pictures online just don't do them justice.
We can't say enough about the artwork. Sean knocked it out of the park, his designs are amazing! He has been willing to work with us on price but he deserves as much as we can give.
A lot of time goes into producing these. Many, many hours went into the artwork, the layout and design of the box, manual, and label, the programming of the boards, the production of the manuals and labels which are done in-house, and the assembly of the final product. Time is money and is a factor that must be taking into account.
We understand that there are a number of cheaper and even free ways of playing these games and if just playing the games is your goal, our releases are not for you. Our releases are premium products and priced as such.
All that being said, we will continue to work on ways to bring costs down. Small runs are expensive since you don't have access to high quantity price breaks. Perhaps in the future we will be able to increase our quantities to help drive the price down.
Whether you are a fan or a critic, we appreciate you taking the time to check out what we have to offer, your support, and your feedback. Thanks everyone!

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